v We educate 801 underprivileged children in two slums of  Delhi, three villages of Haryana, two villages of Bihar and one village of Mughalsarai.

    v We conduct remedial classes for those children who live in slums and villages and study in government schools from classes I to X.

    v Classes are conducted in slums and villages after school hours.

    v Due to this, children are regular in schools and they do not drop out. They understand the subjects better and are able to handle class assignments properly.

    v This program complements the gaps in school education and sustains the interest of children in formal education.


    Our student Dipika Rani has passed her 10th board exam with 84% marks in 2018. She secures not only good marks but also holds the top most rank in the school in secondary school exam board 2018. But things are not so easy for Dipika Rani as she and her family struggle everyday for their daily living. Her father Ajit Singh works as a driver. But his earnings do not meet the expenses of the whole family. Hence her mother also works as a labourer. It is not so easy to have higher study as the circumstances and financial conditions are not suitable for that but she shows her own way of success despite all those odds. Dipika Rani is a student of Govt. Sr. secondary School, Bajghera.

    A determined Dipika has been associated with CSSAR since her upper primary days. She was firstly introduced to our study centre on Jan, 2014 when she started growing interests in studies and became regular in school. With their unique way of teaching our teachers Poonam and Rajni win the heart of Dipika at ease and motivate her for future planning. She is good at drawing and dancing as well. She is sincere, intelligent and ambitious, aspiring to be a perfect teacher in future. CSSAR is always with girls like Dipika.


    CSSAR: A Ray of Hope


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