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    ⇛ We teach 755 underprivileged children in two slums of Delhi, three villages of Haryana and two villages of Bihar.
    ⇛ We teach those children who live in slums and villages and study in government schools from classes I to X.
    ⇛ Classes are conducted in slums and villages after school hours.
    ⇛ Due to this, children are regular in schools and they do not drop out. They understand the subjects better and are able to handle class assignments properly.
    ⇛ This program complements the gaps in school education and sustains the interest of children in formal education.
    ⇛ Be a part of our mission. You can be a donor or a volunteer or BOTH.


    Our student Dipika Rani has passed her 10th board exam with 84% marks in 2018. She secures not only good marks but also holds the top most rank in the school in secondary school exam board 2018. But things are not so easy for Dipika Rani as she and her family struggle everyday for their daily living. Her father Ajit Singh works as a driver. But his earnings do not meet the expenses of the whole family. Hence her mother also works as a labourer. It is not so easy to have higher study as the circumstances and financial conditions are not suitable for that but she shows her own way of success despite all those odds. Dipika Rani is a student of Govt. Sr. secondary School, Bajghera.

    A determined Dipika has been associated with CSSAR since her upper primary days. She was firstly introduced to our study centre on Jan, 2014 when she started growing interests in studies and became regular in school. With their unique way of teaching our teachers Poonam and Rajni win the heart of Dipika at ease and motivate her for future planning. She is good at drawing and dancing as well. She is sincere, intelligent and ambitious, aspiring to be a perfect teacher in future. CSSAR is always with girls like Dipika.


    CSSAR: A Ray of Hope


    About Us

    ⇛ Center for Social Security Action & Research is a Delhi based NGO.

    ⇛ We have been teaching underprivileged children since April, 2008.

    ⇛ So far we have educated 3104 children.

    ⇛ We conduct remedial classes.


    To provide support to disadvantaged and poor children for their educational mainstreaming and development with special focus at girl children.


    Vision of the organization is that every child gets proper education irrespective of social and financial background.

    Our Story

    ⇛ Center for Social Security Action & Research is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Registration No.61488 dated 11.3.2008.

    ⇛ Center for Social Security Action & Research is registered with Income Tax Department under section 12 A. No. DEL CR 20002-20052009 Dated 20.5.2009.

    ⇛ All donations to Center for Social Security Action & Research are exempt under section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961. No. DIT (E) l 2009-10/350 Dated- 21.05.2009, New Delhi.

    ⇛ FCRA Registration No.231661506 date: 9.5.2014.


    Our team consists of professionals who are striving towards the spread of education.

    We have been assisted by our dedicated teachers who have devoted their time and effort
    towards upliftment of slum children.


    Our education program is funded and supported by the following individual donors and organizations:
    1. Individual Donors: Rs.6,09,094
    2.Give India: Rs.2,50,491
    3. First Enterprises: Rs.3,57,016
    4. Chance Foundation: Rs.1,58,275
    5. Lemon Tree Land and Developers Pvt. Ltd.: Rs.48,510
    6. Larsen and Toubro (Prayas Trust): Rs.64,000
    7. Moody's Shared Services Pvt. Ltd.: Rs.30,000
    Total Donation: Rs.15,17,386

    Dear Patrons,
    Greetings from the entire team at CSSAR!
    It is a matter of great privilege to present to you the Annual Report for the year 2016-17. It has been a rewarding year with the centers running consistently and smoothly without any kind of disruption. A new centre has been started during the year at Ankhir, Faridabad with the support of an overseas donor organization, Chance Foundation. This brings the number of centers to 11 catering to a total of 556 students. The focus brought on to improve quality of the education is also paying off with the students registering better scores in the school examinations. Greater emphasis is now being laid on teachers to continuously improve the learning abilities as well as monitor the results of each student. Appointment of a teacher for English at Bajghera has provided a positive experience and similar initiatives are being planned for the other centers
    Several new initiatives to motivate teachers and students have been implemented during the year. All children were taken for educational tours through visits to historical and heritage sites and other modern landmarks in and around Delhi, teachers of all centers were taken on a picnic to help know each other and foster team building, two children are being supported for their Class 12 commerce studies while another has been encouraged to join vocational training program. The objective of these activities is to instill a sense of belongingness and make the process of learning more enjoyable. We are proud to present the success stories of two of our students. Anuj, 10 years old studies in 5th STD in Nagar Nigam Prathmik Vidyalay, Tilak Nagar. Till July, 2013 he was irregular in school and unable to do his home work properly due to unsatisfactory level of teaching in his school. His parents could neither teach him nor afford to pay Rs. 500 per month to a private tutor to improve his education level. In August, 2013, he was motivated to join the remedial classes in Delhi and now he is regular in school, able to do his home work properly, and understand different subjects better. He secured 91% marks in annual school examination of 5th STD held in March, 2017 and stood first in his class. He wishes to pursue higher studies and build on his interest in drawing. Shivani aged 13 years, studies in 9th STD in government school, Bajghera and had faced similar difficulties earlier. She was motivated to join the remedial classes in January 2014 and has been a regular since then. She secured 570 out of 700 marks in annual school examination of 8th STD held in March, 2017and stood 2nd in her class. She is very good in drawing and painting and wishes to pursue higher studies along with her interests. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the members of the CSSAR team for their sincere and dedicated efforts to move ahead against all odds. However, all this would not have been possible without the valuable support of our sponsors and donors: Give India, ISB Alumni Association, First Enterprises, Chance Foundation and the increasing number of individual donors. While we express our heartfelt gratitude to you all, we eagerly look forward to your continued as well as enhanced support in future. We hope that the information along with the visuals provided in the Annual Report would give you a better feel about the activities of the centre and would welcome your comments, suggestions or advice to enable fulfilment of our mission.

    Alok Dutta


    • Registration Certificate
    • 80G Certificate
    • FCRA Certificate

    Let's create
    HOPE in a child
    in poverty

    We have been teaching slum children in Delhi since April 2008 and our education program targets children studying in classes I to X in municipal schools. Our teachers deliver individually-centered education to the pupils in regular school subjects and spoken English language.
    The program complements gaps in school education and sustains the interest of children and their parents in formal education system. By attending classes in our learning center we also give children the confidence to not drop-out from their regular schools.

    Helping school going children in slums
    in their regular studies. The programs include
    remedial classes and spoken English classes.

    New Shyam Nagar slum, Delhi
    T C Camp Raghubir Nagar slum, Delhi
    Bajghera village, Gurgaon
    Daultabad village, Gurgaon
    Ankhir village, Faridabad
    Kurari Village, Bihar
    Bhanpur village, Bihar

    Our Programs

    Education can
    make a difference
    in their lives


    Khushi lives in B-43, New Shyam Nagar Jhuggi with her family. Being a sincere student of Sarvoday Kanya Vidyalay, Chand Nagar, she has just passed her class 10th board exam with 64% marks. Read more about her struggle here.


    Nisha's father is a tailor by profession and is struggling daily for maintaning their daily needs. She studies in Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Tagore Garden and has secured 60% of marks in her board exam of 10th class this year. Read about her success story here.


    Neha is a student of Sarvoday Kanya Vidyalay, Chand Nagar and has qualified her 10th class board exam with 68% marks in 2017 A determined Neha has been associated with CSSAR since her primary school days. Read more about her everyday struggle here.


    She is currently in class 6 at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya No.1, at Chand Nagar, Delhi – 110018. She has been taking remedial class at CSSAR since class 1. She gives credit for her improvement in studies to her teacher, Sardeep Kaur at CSSAR. Read more about her journey here.


    Anuj is a class 6th student living in D-79, New Shyam Nagar jhuggi, New Delhi. His father works as a welder while his mother is a tailor. He scored 91% in annual school exam of 5thstandard held in March2017 and stood first in his class. Read about his educational upliftment here.




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    Help us in
    their lives

    Get involved with CSSAR to give these children your time and contribute to their upliftment. We need volunteers for:

    ⇛ Teaching: Classes' I-X and spoken English.
    ⇛ For documentation, monitoring and evaluation of education program
    ⇛ For marketing and fundraising
    ⇛ For life skill program, teaching music and dance.

    Our mission is to
    help those
    who need it


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