Every Child
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Ø We educate 811 underprivileged children in two slums of Delhi, three villages of Haryana, two villages of Bihar and one village of Mughalsarai.

Ø We conduct remedial classes for those children who live in slums and villages and study in government schools from classes I to X.

Ø Classes are conducted in slums and villages after school hours.

Ø Due to this, children are regular in schools and they do not drop out. They understand the subjects better and are able to handle class assignments properly.

Ø This program complements the gaps in school education and sustains the interest of children in formal education.


Shiksha Shakti run by CSSAR, is a targeted programme for underprivileged children who live in slums and villages in which special coaching is provided to improve their education level. Children, both in primary as well as secondary school facing learning challenges and are from families that fall below Poverty Line (BPL), are identified for this program. 

Our education program fills the gaps in school education and sustains the interest of children and their parents in a formal education system. The teachers pay individual attention to the students to have a better understanding of the subject. This has helped in enhancing their performance in their schools and motivated them to pursue higher studies.
The children are grouped according to their grade and given special attention. The children with this additional support become confident and start performing better in school.


§  T C Camp Raghubir Nagar slum, Delhi

§  New Shyam Nagar slum, Delhi

§  Bajghera village, Gurgaon

§  Ankhir village, Faridabad

§  Mehlana village, Sonipat

§  Bhanpur village, Bihar

§  Kurari Village, Bihar

§  Mughalsarai, UP